A Primer on Data Normalization

Normalizing data is a common data engineering task. It prepares information to be stored in a way that minimizes duplication and is digestible by machines.  It also aims to solve other problems and issues that are out of scope for this particular article but worth reading about if you find yourself struggling to understand jokes […]

Your Simple Guide to Collecting Oral History

Collecting memories from people is an excellent way to celebrate the experience of others. I have found it helps me learn more about why people hold certain beliefs, how they overcame hardships, and the world we live in. Interviewing other people has helped me learn more about myself, which is why I wanted to write […]

Troubleshooting Windows Subsystem for Linux and SSH

The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is one of the best features on Windows 10. It makes development so much easier than it used to be but still has a few hiccups. Kinda like Linux, some things don’t “just work.” One pesky thing is getting SSH to work with a keypair file from WSL. This post details how to get SSH working on WSL.

Kafkacat Amazon Workspace

Below are some notes on getting kafkacat installed on an Amazon workspace with admin access. The commands listed on the GitHub page will not work without a little preparation. A Linux Amazon Workspace image is based on Amazon Linux. Attempts to use a package manager like yum go through a plugin, amzn_workspaces_filter_updates. This filter only […]

Processing Audio Files with Amazon Transcribe

I have been working on collecting a family’s oral history for the past few months. During the process I took notes with simple descriptions of what the speaker was describing or telling and a rough timestamp of when in the file the conversation took place. After collecting hours of stories, I realized that having a […]

Quickly Find Large Files On Windows File System

Once a year I need to free up space on my work machine. Once a year I find myself searching for an efficient way to identify the largest files that I do not need any longer without installing third party software. Here is the solution I stumbled on this year and it couldn’t be simpler. […]